Companion Global Healthcare


Case Management

Employers are going to be naturally concerned about their employees traveling for medical procedures. Even if someone is an experienced traveler, the thought of international medical tourism may seem daunting. And if people don't travel often, they may be downright intimidated. We understand, and we're here to help make the entire process as smooth as possible with our case management services. 
  • We're the central point of contact. 
    We coordinate the entire process so patients won't have to sort through a dozen different people telling them their next steps. 
  • We coordinate services between providers. 
    If the international doctor will need x-rays, charts or any medical records from doctors here, we'll help manage the transfers. 
  • We coordinate health plan benefits. 
    If health plans offer coverage, we'll make sure employees pick a facility in their networks for maximum benefits.
For more information about our case management services and how it can benefit your clients, please contact us.