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Hip Replacement

A hip replacement, also known as an arthroplasty, improves mobility and relieves pain at the hip joint. It's also one of the most common procedures patients travel for overseas. The surgeon removes diseased parts of the hip joint and replaces them with synthetic parts.

Typical candidates for hip replacement surgery are patients whose hip joints have worn down from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, bone loss from a lack of blood supply or an injury. If you have an employee with persistent hip pain or disability that interferes with your daily activities, then hip replacement surgery may be an option. All of our network hospitals currently offer hip replacement surgery. 

In the Southeastern United States, the average cost for a hip replacement is $91,787. Our network hospitals offer the same procedure at the same high quality standards from $10,750 to $21,000. Compare the costs. You may find your clients will save a significant amount of money by traveling for their hip replacement procedures.

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