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Staedtische Klinikum Goerlitz

Staedtische Klinikum Goerlitz (SKGR) features 16 specialized medical departments and a wide range of medical and surgical services. It has 585 beds and 65 places in day units. SKGR has a highly qualified staff of 1,200 dedicated professionals who provide state-of-the-art medical care for almost 72,000 patients each year.

SKGR was recertified for the third time in succession by the Joint Commission International (JCI), the globally recognized American organization for the assessment of quality in health care. SKGR is one of only four hospitals in Germany that has earned this prestigious certificate.

The SKGR International Health Care Team will be happy to welcome you to Germany's eastern most city. The historic city is one of the best preserved sites in Central Europe. Within a few hundred feet of the hospital, you will pass treasures from more than half a millennium of European architectural history. Thanks to its convenient location, it is also quite easy to visit other beautiful cities, such as Wroclaw in Poland or Prague in the Czech Republic.

Estimated Costs for Select Procedures*
Southeastern US
Average Charge
Staedtische Klinikum Goerlitz
Heart Bypass (CABG x 4)
Heart Valve Replacement
Hip Replacement
$26,000 - $28,000
Knee Replacement
$22,000 - $23,000
Spinal Fusion
$28,000 - $29,500
Hysterectomy (Vaginal)
$9,750 - $11,000

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*Estimates are based on exchange rates as of June 2009. Hospitals charge in local currency, so actual costs depend on the exchange rate. Estimates do not include travel and costs which may arise from unforeseen complications. Savings on other procedures may vary.