Companion Global Healthcare


Why Medical Tourism?

When people find out how much certain medical procedures cost these days, it's enough to make them want to put off getting well! That's why many are learning about the advantages of international medical tourism. You can offer your clients a way to make the most of their health care dollars. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Significant cost savings.
    Do your research and compare costs. You may be surprised at how much money your clients can save, even when you factor in travel costs.
  • Quality of care.
    Leaving the country doesn't mean settling for lower quality care. Many of the physicians practicing at our network hospitals have trained in the United States and earned U.S. board certification. And all of our network facilities have earned accreditation from the Joint Commission International (JCI). JCI is the international arm of the same organization that accredits US hospitals.
  • Round-trip customer service. 
    We help with all aspects of the trip, from making travel plans to making sure patients choose a network facility.
  • More health care choices. 
    Some group benefit plans don't cover certain procedures. Or maybe there's an employee with a pre-existing condition or who has exhausted his or her benefits, and simply can't afford to pay out of pocket. With the money saved by international medical tourism, employees may not have to put off or avoid improving their health. And this means better business for your clients!
  • Patient-focused service. 
    Our network hospitals cater to international patients, and have designed their facilities to center around the patient experience. Don't be surprised to find luxury accommodations, an excellent nurse-to-patient ratio, even popular restaurants all within walking distance of the patient's room.

For more information on how you can offer Companion Global Healthcare to your clients, please contact us.