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LASIK Eye Surgery

Take advantage of special discounts for savings on LASIK vision correction, even while in the United States! LASIK is an outpatient procedure that uses a cool beam of light, called an Excimer Laser, to reshape the cornea and treat nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. 

LASIK Services:

  • $945 per eye for Traditional LASIK
  • $1370 per eye for Custom LASIK
  • $1795 per eye for Bladeless Custom LASIK
What is Included?

Your pre-operative appointment, the LASIK procedure, several post-operative visits and a one-year retreatment plan are all included in the price. You have access to a credentialed national network of ophthalmologists who specialize in LASIK surgery and have collectively performed over 3.5 million procedures. Find out if you are a potential candidate for this life-changing procedure today!

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